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Welcome To Our Company!

Engineering service provider supporting global players in past 27 years.

Founded in Duesseldorf, Germany in 1992, IKA brings competitive engineering services to global business leaders. The lean organisation, flexible structure and low overhead costs make us capable to face our market competitors as well as far east challengers and allows us a direct transfer of professional experience and knowledge straight into the young generation of professionals.

Strategic partnerships help us to solve wide range of engineering problems without risks of indebtedness or professional fail and allow us to bypass many critical supply chain bottlenecks and emergency deliveries for our customers. Our Partners make us strong, together we create much more than each alone.

Since 2007 we are strongly focused on terrestrial laser scanning TLS and its integration in industrial engineering process. As the design background enriched with real environment content increases the planning confidence and minimize the failure risks we stand ready to master this challenge. Continuous improvement of workflows and chase for best approach in designer's practice lead us to new horizon of efficiency. We are very excited in being a part of this digital transformation.